Powertech ZM-9094 12V 20W solar panel

By Powertech


Our Powertech Mono-crystalline solar panels offer you the same robust construction and performance as the leading brand names, whilst also offering a nice cost saving against the big brands. Despite being manufactured in China, they are most definitely built and suited to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

Each panel features a 3.2mm thick tempered glass front panel, which is capable of withstanding a 1 inch hailstone at terminal velocity, and is built with a sturdy extruded aluminium frame. Panels of 65W or greater size also feature TUV approved IP67 waterproof junction boxes and output leads with MC4 style waterproof connectors.

We stand by the quality of our Powertech solar panels, and so does our factory, which is why we are proud to support them with a 25 year warranty. This warranty covers the panels for defects in construction and manufacturing for a period of 24 months, and warrants that the electrical output will remain above 90% of original rated power for a period of 10 years, and remain above 80% of original rated output for 25 years. Now we know that many other companies offer a similar warranty - but you have to ask yourself if the company selling you the solar panels will still be around in 25 years, or maybe even 10 years. We've been around for over 30 years now, and aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Each panel is uniquely identified with a serial number for warranty traceability, which is also logged with an initial performance report from the factory before being shipped out - so you can ensure that our factory is on top of quality assurance.

ZM-9094 Specifications:

 • Maximum power: 20W
 • Rated voltage: 12V
 • Open circuit voltage: 21.5V
 • Short circuit current: 1.3A
 • Dimensions: 639 x 294 x 23mm
 • Weight: 2.4kg