XTAR SP2 100-240VAC - Lithium ion battery charger



100-240VAC (World Voltage) / 12VDC input independent channel 6 cell lithium ion battery charger.
* Comes with SAA, MEPS approved 100-240VAC (world voltage) to 12VDC input power adaptor plus 12VDC input cigarette light connection car plug.
* Six cell charger with independent channels to charge one to six lithium ion cells in sizes 10440, 16340, 14500, 15270, 18500, 14650, 17670, 18650, 18700 commonly used in LED torches & other devices.
* To view the complete range of torch and laser sight batteries we have available please click this link.
* Independent circuits are used for the longer cells with 6 x screw in adaptors supplied for charging shorter cells. Extra Screw in adaptors also available. See model MP/WP Spacer Connector
* Charge re-activation if cell voltage drops below 3.9V if cells left in the charger to keep ready for use.
* Over discharged cell recovery (cell voltage <2.0V). (Percentage of capacity recovery dependant on cell health).
* Algorithm based TC/CC/CV charging system with reverse polarity & overcharge protection.
Pulse charging rate 1200mA
   - CC charging rate 600mA
   - CC cut-off voltage 4.2V +/-1%
   - CV cut-off current <140mA
   - TC current (battery voltage 2.0V~3.0V) 80mA(+/-20mA
* 2 year repair warranty (when used according to specification & in normal conditions).