The most recognisable battery on the market today, Optima utilise patented Spiral Cell technology to provide huge power output, superb recharge acceptance, absolutely maintenance free spill proof operation, and unrivalled vibration resistance.


The Yellow Top range is a true dual-purpose battery designed to provide superior engine starts and plenty of deep cycle power in a single package. With premium cranking power and excellent cyclic capabilities, it is a perfect solution for accessory-laden vehicles and vessels. The Yellow Top is ideal for use in Trucks with winches, Cars with high-powered entertainments systems, and in Commercial use vehicles.

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The Blue Top range is purpose built for heavy deep cycle applications typical of Marine and RV situations. While primarily designed as a deep cycle battery, the Blue Top also offers strong cranking power due to the increased plate surface area inherent in the unique spiral cell design. In addition to providing weight savings and outstanding vibration resistance, the Blue Top’s ability to deliver efficient power and achieve fast recharge make it the ideal choice for Dual Purpose use in Leisure applications.

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The Red Top range is designed to deliver the strongest ignition power possible for reliable starting in virtually any application. The Patented Spiral Cell technology provides huge power delivery and superb resistance to vibration and heat making Red Top perfect for applications where maximum power, safety and reliability is required from a dedicated starting battery.

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